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Materials suppliers

ACE RUS provides a low cost high precision technique for quality control, batch sampling for monitoring material variability and certification of a range of materials including metals such as hardened steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloys, ceramics, glasses and composites.

ACE RUS system provide verifiable and traceable material property measurements for input into finite-element-based static and dynamic structural analysis and design.

ACE will produce simple sample specifications to meet your quality control needs.

Fabricators, manufactures and end users

Verification of material quality before use.
Material property measurements and input into finite element static and dynamic structural analysis and design for production, research and prototyping.


The hardware ACE manufactures is the state of the art today. Specifically, high frequency response is better, signals are stronger, mounting small items to test easier. The electronics and transducer designs are new and proprietary to Alamo Creek Engineering.


This includes 1 day of training for one person at ACE, or at your site if travel expenses are covered. It also includes telephone support for as long as you need it.

System will produce 0.2% or better absolute accuracy elastic moduli on the included hardened steel calibration cylinder.
The entire system will be repaired or replaced if it fails in the first year of ownership.

Sample output data

Materials suitable for use with our RUS system include:


Frequency Range
5kHz-10MHz (transducer limited)
Dynamic Range
>105 range of peak heights detectable in a single scan
Maximum Drive 25V p-p


8mm diam, alumina wear plate, PZT-based, no electrical cross-talk, SMA


Low-acoustic-transmission ABS stage, easy-adjust for sample size, easy adjust for contact force.
Noise Reduction
Direct digitization fully selectable-trade speed for time. No analog filter equivalents.
Data Transfer
5VDC 1 amp micro USB
micro SD card, fully updatable
compatibility Los Alamos National Lab open-source, LABVIEW-based
Can operate selected temperature controllers
Software-modulus fitting
ACE upgrades for full MKS units. Auto guess capability for initial moduli. Cylinder and RPR executables supplied.
Software data acq Extensive flexibility, automatic multiple scan rates, auto generates input files for analysis codes.
In the box Complete ACE RUS008 resonant Ultrasound Spectrometer with cables and power supply.
Damped PZT transducers Low-acoustic-transmission room temperature stage. Hardened and ground teaching and calibration cylinder with full fit certificate. All the software you need to get up and running.
Operating System Windows 10 Recommended

Telephone and email support.